The Artist

Monvelyno is a tag less phenomenon hard to frame in one capsule and is considered a renaissance being to this age. With his music and art he has been inspiring, entertaining, and helping people since he was six years old. When he picked up the guitar at the age of 18 his intent was the creation of a universal, cultural language so his approach to the instrument was revolutionary. Monvelyno has always been singing in Creole and French, but now he is reaching out to a wider audience, through English lyrics with the fresh, new sound cultivated from deeper roots. The result is a combination of mainstream music with the soul of his indigenous ancestry. Monvelyno is collaborating with Joe Moser, who is producing his sixth album entitled, "The Hope in Pandora's Box." The album is musically oriented in a totally new way toward a bigger dream - one that everyone can understand and feel for it originates from the soul of an artist born and raised in Haiti. Working diligently to release the album very soon, Monvelyno has three singles already available on his website for downloading and listening ( This music is Universal.

The Painter

Monvelyno is also an accomplished visual artist, having honed his painting technique through studies in Haiti and France at a young age. Receiving a scholarship to ENARTS, (an esteemed art school in Haiti), he went on to travel in France and the United States on commissioned assignments. His paintings soar with vivid colors and sweeping strokes, merging the natural shapes of his roots with an abstract-expressionist style all his own. Monvelyno exhibits his artwork in NYC on a regular basis and much like his music, Monvelyno's paintings connect with the viewer on spiritual and emotional levels, inviting the observer to look inward and beyond.


Meanwhile, Monvelyno is making sure to keep his Haitian roots thriving through live performances in NYC and the release of other Creole albums. Since moving to NYC ten years ago, Monvelyno has reached the Haitian music lovers though his compositions. From 2010-2013 (three short years), he has produced five albums: Kouzen Azakamede, Conscience State of Mind, Nou-La (Vo-Duo), Monvelyno's Bob Marley Acoustic Tribute, and The Fullest Moon. For his musical talent and dedication, Monvelyno received the Outstanding Artist Award in 2012 from the Haitian community.

The Entrepreneur

In his journey of sharing Haitian culture with the world, Monvelyno and his team recently founded "Kod ak Po, Inc." which means, "Skins and Strings." Now, the Haitian hand drum becomes the heartbeat and the awareness of a universal language since before everything there was Rhythm. Kod ak Po, Inc. embodies the connection between Art, Literature, Nature and People.

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